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Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions of the Proxi Extra Loyalty Program

1. The Proxi Extra Loyalty Program

  1. Proxi Extra Loyalty Program. The Proxi Extra Loyalty Program (the "Program") is Harnois Énergies Inc. ("Harnois Énergies") reward program available at participating Proxi Extra locations, regardless of the gasoline banner with which the location is affiliated (a “Proxi Extra Store"). The Program allows you to earn Proxi Extra points and redeem them against rewards or discounts at all Proxi Extra Stores located in the province of Quebec.

  2. Participating Proxi Extra Stores. To find out which Proxi Extra Stores are participating in the program, please visit the Proxi Extra website. The list of Proxi Extra Stores participating in the Program may change from time to time.

2. Join the Program

  1. Joining the Program. Joining the Program is free of charge, and no purchase is necessary to hold a Proxi Extra account (an "Account"). To participate in the Program, you must be a resident of Canada of at least 14 years of age and have the consent of a parent or guardian if you are under the age of majority and if such consent is required in your province or territory of residence.

  2. Individuals Only. Only individuals may participate in the Program. A person may only hold one Account. Businesses, corporations, companies, organizations or other entities may not participate in the Program unless getting the express authorization of Harnois Énergies.

  3. How to Join. To participate in the Program, you must enrol in one of the Proxi Extra Stores, through the Proxi Extra website or through the Proxi Extra application that can be downloaded from the Proxi Extra website or the application store related to your mobile device. A Proxi Extra Card (physical and/or virtual) (a "Proxi Extra Card") will be issued to you upon or following your enrolment in the Program

  4. Mandatory Information. Enrolment in the Program requires the disclosure of personal information for the creation of your account (such as your name, mailing address and telephone number), including a valid email address for the purpose of communicating with you in connection with the Program. You must notify us immediately of any changes to the information provided when you enrolled in the Program and ensure that it is always up to date. We are not liable if we cannot contact you because you have failed to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

  5. Account and Consent. Creating an Online Account on the Proxi Extra website or using the Proxi Extra application or other means available to you from time to time allows you to take advantage of personalized offers. By creating an Online Account, you give your express consent to receive commercial communications from the Program or Harnois Énergies. You may withdraw your consent at any time, either by clicking on the corresponding link in the Program’s newsletters or by contacting us. You will however no longer be able to receive personalized offers. For more information on the personalization of offers, please refer to our Privacy Policy available on the Proxi Extra website.

  6. You may not, under any circumstances, combine the Proxi Extra loyalty program with any other reward program for the same purchase in the Proxi Extra stores.  

3. Earn Proxi Extra Points

  1. Earn Proxi Extra Points. You can earn Proxi Extra points by presenting your Proxi Extra Card or Proxi Extra mobile application BEFORE you pay for your purchase.No Proxi Extra points will be awarded on purchases already made if no valid Proxi Extra Card has been presented before payment.Proxi Extrapoints can be earned as follows:

    1. Eligible purchases made in a Proxi Extra Store: Proxi Extra points are awarded on gasoline sold at the Proxi Extra Store gas station at a rate of 15 Proxi Extra points per full dollar spent if paid with a debit card or cash, or 10 Proxi Extra points per full dollar spent if paid by credit card. Proxi Extra points are also awarded for eligible items in Proxi Extra Stores at a rate of 1% of the total amount of purchases, regardless of the payment method used. Proxi Extra points are calculated based on the purchase price of eligible products, less any applicable price reductions and taxes appearing on the receipt.

    2. Personalized Offers: For purchases made in a Proxi Extra Store where a personalized Proxi Extra points offer is available, which will be sent to you through your Online Account on the Proxi Extra website, through the Proxi Extra, mobile application, by email or other means of communication.

    3. Promotional Offers: For purchases made in a Proxi Extra Store where a promotional Proxi Extra point offer is applicable to the purchase of certain products or the attainment of pre-established purchase amounts as announced in the Proxi Extra Store, in a circular from time to time, by email or other means of communication.

  2. Offer Terms and Conditions. Any personalized or promotional offer is limited in time and may be subject to additional terms and conditions. Personalized offers, promotional offers and specific services or programs may be offered to all Program participants or to a group of Program participants, according to Harnois Énergies defined criteria. Proxi Extra points associated with a personalized or promotional offer may not appear on the transaction receipt and will be recorded on the date of a subsequent purchase transaction.

  3. Use of Offers. Unless otherwise specified, any personalized or promotional offer may only be used once, and Harnois Énergies may limit the quantity of products which entitles a Program member to earn Proxi Extra points. For example, additional Proxi Extra points may be earned with the purchase of a specific product, or a Program participant may only earn Proxi Extra points on a single purchase of that product or on another predetermined number of purchases.

  4. Expiry of Earned Proxi Extra Points. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, Proxi Extra Points do not expire. However, your Account may be permanently closed if you do not earn and redeem Proxi Extra points at least once during a one-year period and following notice to that effect between the 60th and 30th day before the date on which your Proxi Extra points expire, or for any other reason provided in these Terms and Conditions.

  5. Non-compliant Proxi Extra Points Earned. The earning of Proxi Extra points in violation of these Terms and Conditions or a personalized or promotional offer will result in the cancellation of Proxi Extra points charged to the Account for the related transaction.

4. Other Rewards

  1. Additional Prizes or Benefits. We may occasionally grant additional rewards, prizes or benefits to Program participants through time-limited promotions offered by Proxi Extra Stores, based on additional terms and conditions applicable to any other rewards. The availability of products promoted may vary from one Proxi Extra Store to another.

5. Redeeming Proxi Extra Points

  1. Redeeming Proxi Extra Points. 1,000 Proxi Extra points equal $1 in rewards. You may pay by redeeming your Proxi Extra, in whole or in part, for an eligible purchase (please see exclusions at section 6) using your Proxi Extra Card or Proxi Extra mobile application at the point of sale of a Proxi Extra Store or at any other merchant who may participate in the Program from time to time, as directed by the cashier, point of sale terminal or other payment processing device.

  2. Maximum and Minimum Redemption. You must redeem at least 1,000 Proxi Extra points representing $1 in rewards per transaction. If you wish to redeem more than 1,000 Proxi Extra points in one transaction, you must redeem them in increments of 1,000 Proxi Extra points, each increment representing $1 in rewards, up to the higher value between 1,000 points above the dollar amount of the qualifying purchase (i.e., you cannot redeem 39,000 Proxi Extra points against a $37 purchase) and a $500 qualifying purchase (or any other greater amount that we may determine from time to time).

  3. Redemption Rates Modification. Personalized offers or promotional offers may, from time to time, in certain Stores or for certain products or services, increase the number of Proxi Extra points earned or decrease the minimum amount of redemption required for an eligible purchase.

  4. Taxes. It is prohibited to redeem Proxi Extra points against applicable taxes only.

6. Earning and Redemption of Proxi Extra Points: Exclusions

  1. Products and Services Exclusions. You may not earn or redeem Proxi Extra points for the following purchases of products and services: i) the purchase of tobacco products, lottery tickets or alcohol; ii) deposits (such as deposits on water bottles, since this is not a purchase); iii) gift cards, prepaid cards and mobile or long distance calling cards; iv) public transit tickets and passes, show tickets and postal transactions; v) passport photos; vi) cash rebates; vii) gifts with purchase; viii) delivery charges (if any), ix) purchases made at non-participating merchants authorized to operate in or near Proxi Extra Stores; (x) any other products or services that cannot be legally offered as part of the Program; or xi) any other products or services prohibited by law.

  2. Subsequent Redemption Only. Proxi Extra points that you earn by making a purchase cannot be redeemed for that purchase and can only be redeemed against a subsequent qualifying purchase.

7. Other Rules and Regulations on Earning and Redemption

  1. Points Earned for a transaction in Proxi Extra Points. You earn Proxi Extra points for the portion of a transaction that is paid by redeeming Proxi Extra points.

  2. Credit to a Single Account. For any given transaction, Proxi Extra points can only be earned on one Proxi Extra Card and can only be credited to one Account.

  3. Returns. If you return a purchase, the number of Proxi Extra points earned for this purchase may be deducted from your Account balance. If your Account is subject to a refund or correction, your Account balance will be adjusted, upwards or downwards, by the number of Proxi Extra points related to the refund or correction, as applicable, and your Account balance may become negative.

  4. Returns and Redemption of Proxi Extra Points. When you return or exchange purchases you have earned by redeeming Proxi Extra points in a Proxi Extra Store, you lose the Proxi Extra points redeemed.

  5. Account Correction Time Period. If you have any doubt about your Account point balance, you must contact us and provide us with relevant evidence within 45 days of the date of the transaction in question to report the discrepancy. Failure to notify us of any potential error within 45 days of a transaction will result in your Account Proxi Extra points balance to be considered accurate.

  6. Proxi Extra Points Balance. The number of Proxi Extra points displayed on your Proxi Extra Store receipt, on a website, in an email, in a mobile application or by any other means, may not match your current Proxi Extra points balance as shown in our records at that time. If Proxi Extra points are credited to your Account by mistake, these Proxi Extra points may be deducted from your account, without any notification. We are not required to process a request to redeem Proxi Extra points credited to an Account by mistake. No Proxi Extra points will be awarded if it appears that the products purchased are intended for resale or commercial use. Proxi Extra points awarded on such purchases will be withdrawn.

  7. Downloading of Offers. We are not responsible for errors that may occur while sending or downloading offers or delays in sending or downloading such offers. We are not required to process a request to earn or redeem Proxi Extra points that could not be earned or redeemed due to an error or delay related to the sending or downloading of offers.

  8. Lost or Stolen Proxi Extra Card. If your Proxi Extra Card is lost or stolen, contact us to have the Proxi Extra Card’s redemption features disabled immediately. You are responsible for all transactions made on your Account, including redemptions made prior to the deactivation of the redemption functions of a lost or stolen Proxi Extra Card, and transactions resulting from unauthorized access to your Account due to improper password protection or sharing your Proxi Extra Card with a third party.

  9. Non-transferable Proxi Extra Points. Your Proxi Extra points cannot be transferred to another Program participant. A Program participant’s Account will be permanently closed upon death.

  10. Proxi Extra Points are not Convertible to Cash.Proxi Extra points are not convertible to cash and cannot be redeemed for cash. Except as authorized by Harnois Énergies, you may not assign, purchase or give Proxi Extra points as a gift, or redeem them any other way than as provided in these Terms and Conditions. It is prohibited to sell, trade, exchange, rent or otherwise dispose of Proxi Extra points. Any Proxi Extra points sold for cash or other consideration will be cancelled.

  11. Account Closing. If you choose to close your Account, you have 45 days to redeem the Proxi Extra points in your Account. You will lose all Proxi Extra points that have not been redeemed after the 45-day period following the closure of your Account.

8. Privacy Protection

  1. Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") of Harnois Énergies applies to the Program, which is available on the Proxi Extra website or on request. This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you also accept the provisions of the Privacy Policy and agree to review the current version and any changes that may be made from time to time.

9. Program Modification

  1. Program Modification. The Program may be modified from time to time, including the Program’s eligibility and enrolment requirements, how to earn Proxi Extra points and their collection rate or how to redeem Proxi Extra points and their redemption rate, in which case you may receive a notification before the effective date of the modification based on the content of these Terms and Conditions or the law.

  2. Proxi Extra Points Earning Rules Modification. We will not change the number of Proxi Extra points in your Account for the redemption value of Proxi Extra points already in your Account. Harnois Énergies may, however, change the Proxi Extra points earning criteria or their redemption value in the future, in which case you will be notified of such a change between the 90th and 60th day before the effective date of the modification.

  3. Current Proxi Extra Terms and Conditions. The current Terms and Conditions can be found on the Proxi Extra website where any changes will be indicated, including any new or amended provision and their previous wording, as well as the date on which the change took or will take effect.

  4. Program Termination. We reserve the right to terminate the Program, in whole or in part, at any time upon 45 days written notice. Should we terminate the Program, you will have 45 days from the effective date of termination to redeem the Proxi Extra points in your Account. At the end of the 45-day period, you will lose the Proxi Extra points that have not been redeemed.

10. General Information

  1. Effect of the Terms and Conditions. By participating in any aspect of the Program, you (and your parent or guardian on your behalf, as the case may be) agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  2. Reproduction and Ownership of the Proxi Extra Card. Unauthorized reproduction of any Proxi Extra Card is prohibited and may result in legal action. All Proxi Extra Cards belong to Harnois Énergies and may be revoked in the event of non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions or violation of the law.

  3. Account Protection. You are responsible for protecting your Account and Proxi Extra Card and the passwords and security questions used in connection with your Account and Proxi Extra Card.

  4. Suspension or Cancellation of your Account. We may suspend or cancel your Program membership at any time in the event of any abuse of Program privileges, breach of these Terms and Conditions or false statement. In the event of cancellation of your Program membership, you may also lose all Proxi Extra points in your Account.

  5. Technological Limitation. We reserve the right to discontinue, temporarily modify or suspend all or part of the Program in any way, in the event of an error, omission, technical problem, bug or computer virus, alteration, unauthorized intervention, fraud or technical failure or any other situation beyond our control that interferes with the proper conduct of any aspect of the Program.

  6. Interpretation. Unless context indicates otherwise, words in the singular form include the plural form and vice versa. All dollar amounts indicated in connection with the Program or these Terms and Conditions are in Canadian dollars.

  7. Severability. Each provision of these Terms and Conditions is separate and severable and the fact that any provisions of these Terms and Conditions are declared invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by a court of competent jurisdiction shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

11. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

  1. Applicable Law and Courts. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws applicable in the Province of Quebec and any dispute regarding the Program must be brought before the courts of the Province of Quebec.

12. Contact us

  1. Questions? If you have any questions about the Program, please email us at info@proxiextra.com or call 450-759-7979, ext. 2222.

The Proxi Extra Loyalty Program is offered by Harnois Énergies Inc.

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Octobre 22, 2021