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  • How to redeem Proxi Extra points

    You may pay by redeeming your Proxi Extra, in whole or in part, for an eligible purchase using your Proxi Extra Card or Proxi Extra mobile application at the point of sale of a Proxi Extra Store.

  • What is the Proxi Extra Program offering?

    The Proxi Extra program allows you to earn 10 points for every $1 in purchases on all convenience store products except tobacco products and lottery tickets. You earn 10 points/L gas if you pay with a credit card and 15 points/L if you pay with a debit card or cash. 1,000 points Proxi Extra equal $ 1.

  • How do I register for the Proxi Extra Program?

    Register directly on the website at proxiextra.com or download the Proxi Extra mobile application from the Apple Store or Google Play.

  • What if I don’t have Internet access?

    Ask one of our participating convenience stores’ employees to give you a paper form.

  • Can I use my card without registering?

    You can use your card immediately after the employee at one of our participating convenience stores gives it to you. However, you cannot redeem your points without first registering. You can collect points but you cannot redeem them.

  • Can I have two cards in my name?

    You cannot have two cards under the same name and email address.

  • Do I have to use my card for each transaction?

    To earn points, you need to present your card before each transaction.

  • I forgot my card at home; can I come back with my receipt to get my points?

    You cannot return with your transaction receipt to the convenience store to get your points. If you have forgotten your card, send a copy of the invoice and the Proxi Extra card number to the following email address : info@proxiextra.com within a maximum period of 45 days following the date of the transaction. After this period, the points cannot be transferred. 


  • I have a problem with my card, who should I contact?

    If you have a problem with your card, you need to contact the Harnois Energies Inc. Customer Service Department at 450-759-7979, ext. 5959 or toll-free at 1-800-363-2712.

  • Can I transfer my points to another card?

    You cannot transfer your points to another card.

  • Is the Proxi Extra Program applicable in Proxi convenience stores?

    The Proxi Extra program is only available in convenience stores that have the Proxi Extra banner.

  • I made a purchase and my points do not show in my account, what should I do?

    You need to contact the Harnois Energies Inc. Customer Service Department at 450-759-7979, ext. 5959 or toll-free at 1-800-363-2712.

  • Are current and customized offers applicable in all Proxi Extra convenience stores?

    No. Some offers may be available in some participating convenience stores due to product availability that may vary from store to store.

  • I buy Harnois fuel oil and/or propane. Is the 2% discount on my Proxi Extra points still applicable?

    Yes, the Proxi Extra card entitles you to 2% of your propane/oil purchases in Proxi Extra points. For any questions, contact Harnois Energies Inc. Customer Service at 450-759-7979, ext. 5959 or toll-free at 1-800-363-2712.

  • Can I collect points directly at the pump?

    Yes, you can collect points at the pump in the convenience stores accepting card payment at the pump. It is important to note that if you forget to scan your Proxi Extra card when completing your transaction at the pump, you will not be able to collect your points inside afterwards.